Our Story

In the Spring of 2019, we volunteered with a Christian mission group in Costa Rica.  During our trip, we realized the challenges associated with funding international mission projects.  It's an expensive undertaking to provide facilities and services to international mission posts.  It was then God laid the challenge on our hearts.  How can we create a sustainable source of funding for Christian mission projects?  Is there a source of funds that aren't impacted by pandemics or economic disasters?  

After prayerful consideration in Costa Rica, God seemed to show us the answer.  The answer was laying directly at our feet .  The world's largest coffee producing region (Latin America) is located near one the world's largest coffee consuming markets (United States).  It was then we decided to form the non-profit coffee company Manos De Dios (translation "The Hands of God").   The goal is to donate 100% of profits towards international mission projects.  Manos De Dios coffee company is operated by 100% volunteer effort.  Manos De Dios has no overhead expenses, no payroll expense, no buildings to maintain, and no debt.  This volunteer model allows 100% of profits to go towards international mission projects.  Our goal is to spread God's message of salvation throughout the world,... one bag of coffee at a time.  
Is your church looking for a fundraising opportunity for international mission trips or youth projects?  If so, contact Manos De Dios at info@ManosDeDios.com to learn about our profit sharing program with your home church.  We can help fund your next international mission trip or youth project through the sale of coffee in your local area.
God bless and thank you for your support!